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Here are the most commonly asked questions;


Must I be 18 years of age to buy your content?

  • Yes. is intended for adults over the age of 18. We also suggest you verify with your local Government or local laws to ensure you are not in violation by buying or viewing our content.

Can I use your content for print?

  • Yes, but only for promotional or editorial purposes. We do not allow you to sell a product where the content is the main selling attraction, such as but not limited to; posters, calendars, mugs, shirts, mouse pads, to name a few. Examples of acceptable printed uses would be for business cards, promotional ad or pamphlet, visual representation for editorial work. For more details on our license and usage rights please read our Terms & Cond.

Do I really need 2257 documents?

  • If you are a US citizen and plan on buying explicit content which you will then publish you must abide by the 2257 requirements and have an accompanying valid photo ID issued by a Government or State for proof of age. inspects all explicit content submissions to make sure they contain all necessary documents. For more information on 2257 requirements please read our Terms & Cond. For anyone residing outside the United States we suggest you inform yourself with your local Government or city concerning obscenity laws and image rights.

As a buyer can I also sell content?

  • Yes. Sellers can buy and sell content on



Can I sell my content on other stock sites?
  • Yes. We do not require exclusivity on any of your content... exclusivity is optional and comes with higher commissions.

What type of content sells well on

  • Among some of the images that sell well are those with conceptual themes, expressions and that incorporate some free space for design or text placement. Isolated full models in sexy outfits or nude on white backgrounds are always good sellers. For more tips on what sells well, what to avoid or simple suggestions for photographers please visit our Photographer's guide.

Why have you refused my submission?

  • There are many reasons why your submissions can be refused, the most common being; resolution issues, pixelated images, copyright infringement, obscenity issues, no model release, no property release or no photo IDs. Before submitting any content to we strongly suggest reading our Terms and Conditions and our Photographer's Guide to ensure that your content meets all recommendations.

How can I get paid and when?

  • As a seller you can choose to be paid either by check or ePassporte, when you have attained the minimum required amount of 50 credits. But you can also keep your credits for as long as you wish or use them to purchase content. When sellers purchase content their earnings will be deducted before their personal loading funds.

Why have you banned my account?

  • We reserve the right to ban any user that we find is in violation of our Terms and Conditions or simply out of suspicious activity, such as but not limited to submitting doubtful or illegal content, harming or harassing other users, or using our site in unethical ways. Although we believe strongly in the freedom of speech we ask for dilugence when communicating with others or expressing your views through our various services such as our blogs, forums, or comments feature.

How much money can I potentially make?

  • That is the beauty of stock photography... the possibilities are near limitless! You can easily sell one image hundreds of times, and multiply that by hundreds of other images you can upload. All depends on quality and quantity and your ability to recognize client demand. We recommend you check out our list of tips and tricks here, to either help you get started or to keep you on top of your game.

Can I sell pornography on AdultStockPhoto?

  • Yes. That is what sets us apart! You can submit both softcore and hardcore pornography, as long as it's legal and that you own the rights to the content or have permission to sell it.

What type of content will you not sell?

  • Any of the following types of content cannot be sold on; child pornography, beastiality, scat, urination, torture, among some.

What is 2257?

  • 2257 is a US-based law concerning adult content and age verification, which requires content producers and buyers to store vital information for proof of age of a model. These are in the form of a Government photo ID that clearly identifies the models name and age. A model release is also essential to ensure the models consent. Any content you upload to which incorporates a recognizable person must be accompanied by at least one Government photo ID or passport and a valid model release. Please read our Terms and Conditions and more specifically the 2257 section.

Do I need 2257 documents for body parts?

  • We strongly recommend valid 2257 documents (photo ID and model release) for any recognizable model and for any explicit content, even for body parts and closeups. Sexually explicit content comes in the form of depictions of sexual acts and any visible spread genital area, also referred to as "pink", and must be accompanied by these documents to avoid refusal. If you believe your content is not explicit and therefore do not accompany these documents, possible buyers may not take the risk of purchasing.


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