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Site Usage
Buyer Agreement
Credit Values
Usage Rights (Standard License)
Seller Agreement
2257 Compliance
Exclusivity Agreement
Affiliate Program Agreement
Advertising Agreement

Site Usage is a site for people who wish to buy or sell adult stock material. We make it possible for photographers and adult content producers to sell their material as long as they own the rights to their content. also has community features such as reviews, blogs, friend requests, ratings, comments, user emails and more. These services are free and allow users to communicate between each other and utilize its functions to increase visibility and exposure. Our site is restricted to anyone under the age of 18. We ask that all users respect each other and not abuse the site's services and features. Everyone here at are strong believers in freedom of speech, but we also reserve the right to filter, censor, or mediate any hateful or abusive activity or ban any user engaging in any such activity. Some of these include; abusive spamming to other users or spamming public areas of the site, abusive or hateful comments or reviews for the sole purpose of harming others or degrading the site's purpose or its integrity, testing the sites vulnerability or "hacking" the site, using the site under the age of 18yrs or allowing other minors to view or use the site, illegally downloading the content on our site without prior payment, viewing or using our site in a jurisdiction that does not allow you to do so. reserves the right to inspect, suspend, or ban any user that infringes upon any of the infractions just mentioned and any others not mentioned.

Buyer Agreement

You must be over the age of 18 to view or purchase any content on our website. Any member of may purchase our content based on a standard license agreement, by purchasing credits. US dollars is the currency currently used on our site. Buying any of the content on our site binds the Buyer to the terms herein. Please read carefully before making your purchase. Prices vary depending on type of content, size, resolution and license. The table below shows our standard prices. Prices are subject to change. No refunds on credits purchased. Credits cannot be redeemed for cash unless you are a seller. You have 3 days from the date of purchase to download your files and a limit of 10 downloads at a time. The buyer is sole responsible in ensuring legal compliance in regards to the USC 2257 record keeping requirements as described below and to maintain local community standards. Although makes sure all content has necessary legal documents, we cannot be held responsible for buyer's 2257 compliance or for infringing upon any laws in those buyer's Country or State. All images on our site are indicated whether they have accompanying legal documents or not. It is the Buyers's sole responsibility to notice this prior to purchase. All copyrights to any content sold remain the property of the original producers / photographers.


Content Type
Size (Resolution in width)
Price (Credits)
Images (.jpg, .jpeg - XSmall)
400 pixels in length
Images (.jpg, .jpeg - Small)
800 pixels in length
Images (.jpg, .jpeg - Medium)
1600 pixelsin length
Images (.jpg, .jpeg - Large)
2400 pixelsin length
Images (.jpg, .jpeg - XLarge)
3100 pixelsin length
Images (.jpg, .jpeg - XXLarge)
5000 pixelsin length
Vector (.ai, .flv, .cdr, .eps)
Scaleable to any size
PSD (.Zip)
2400 to 5000 pixelsin length


Content Type
Price (Credits)
Small .wmv / .mpg (web)
Large .wmv / .mpg (web)
Small .mov / .mp4 / .flv (web)
Large .mp4 / .flv (web)
Large .mov / .avi (Editable)
HD720 .mov / .avi (Editable)
HD1080 .mov / .avi (Editable)

Credit Value

5 Credits
10 Credits
25 Credits
55 Credits
85 Credits
115 Credits


Usage Rights (Standard License)

Upon payment of our fees AdultStockPhoto licenses to you image files on a nonexclusive and nontransferable basis and in relation to the acceptable uses below. Copyrights remain the property of the original producer and cannot be transferred in any way whatsoever. AdultStockPhoto strongly recommends the following credit mention when using images for editorial purposes; "Year, courtesy of". When purchasing any content from our website, whether considered explicit or not, it is your sole responsibility to make sure you comply with any Government standards or record keeping laws, such as but not limited to copies of model releases, property or intellectual property releases or valid photo IDs for proof of age. AdultStockPhoto does its best to ensure that images requiring any legal documents are included and available for download, although, as an intermediary service, we cannot guarantee this for all our member's content. Furthermore, AdultStockPhoto cannot make any claims or warranties as to the validity of the documents provided with the content.

AdultStockPhoto grants this license based on the following usage rights, for the use in all media now or hereafter known and for a worldwide perpetuity usage. As the purchase is made the Buyer is automatically binding to these usage rights, not only individually but combined in its entirety.

(Acceptable Use) Buying content under our Standard License allows you to:

  • use the content on up to 10 individual domains (websites) owned by you or a company that you represent.
  • edit the image, combine with others, use for design purposes, website logos or derivative works.
  • offer the image as a download, in its original format and size, as long as it is meant for personal and private viewing and available in a protected area of a website, such as a members area.
  • use for promotional or editorial purposes.
  • watermark image for web use, such as the name of a website.
  • use for personal and private viewing.
  • use in print, only for promotional or editorial purposes and derivative works, such as but not limited to; representations, book covers, magazine covers or printed ad campaigns.
  • use in broadcast and audio/visual productions only for promotional or editorial purposes and derivative works.

(Restricted Use) Buying content under our Standard License does NOT allow you to:

  • resell the original content in any way whatsoever.
  • license or share the content with others.
  • trademark the content or use as copyright material.
  • use the content as the main selling feature of a product such as but not limited to shirts, mugs, posters, calendars, mouse pads, ect.
  • use the content on any illegal site, including but not limited to; child porn, beastiality, terrorism, torture or use the content in any way that aid illicit or illegal activities.
  • use the model's real name or personal info in any way whatsoever.
  • use the content for defamation or personal attacks on us, our contributors or the models.

Examples of acceptable uses:

  • image to represent an article about sexuality on a website or a magazine.
  • image used for the design of a website.
  • image used in a composition for a printed pamphlet to announce an event of some kind.
  • image of a beautiful nude woman to represent a product such as body cream.
  • image on a business card for a massage parlor.
  • image used for the logo of an online erotic boutique.
  • image used in a humorous video.
  • image used in a documentary about sex.
  • framed image on the walls of a strip club or night club.

Seller Agreement (non-exclusive)

Although is free to signup for sellers we do moderate all submissions to make sure the content meets our compliance requirements. Before submitting any content to our site please make sure your content meets the following requirements;

  • Be the original author of the content.
  • Your content does not contain any recognizable people. If so, you have a standard model release and photo ID to accompany the content.
  • Your content does not contain any recognizable properties. If so, you have a standard property release.
  • Your content does not contain any recognizable trademarks or elements protected by industrial or intellectual property laws. If so, you have written authorization allowing me to use them.
  • 2257 documentation must be zipped, identified and assigned to the appropriate content. (copies of photo ID for age verification)
  • Images must be less than 20 MB, contain a normal aspect ratio, be 2400 pixels in length minimum, with no watermark, and be of acceptable quality. (Accepted image files; jpg, jpeg)
  • Vector files must be in AI, FLV, CDR or EPS format, saved as an older software version such as Illustrator 10 or Flash 8 and uploaded to the Vector category.
  • PSD files must be uploaded in .zip format through the PSD category. Please specify image size in the description and upload a jpg preview.
  • Video files must be lower than 1.5GB and contain a sample preview. Video formats; wmv, flv, avi, mov, mpg and mp4
  • Audio files must be lower than 20 MB and contain a sample. Audio formats; mp3, wav

As a seller you accept that your content can be sold numerous times to any third party under license and be subject to the Buyer's usage rights herein. cannot be held responsible for the distribution of the sold content, its purpose or any modifications made to it as long as it falls into the allowed Buyer's usage rights. does not claim any copyrights to your content nor does it give your copyrights away to any buyer, we simply license the content with usage rights. cannot be held responsible for any content that is not accompanied by any legal documents, such as a model release, a property release, or copies of photo IDs, nor are we responsible for its validity. It is the Seller's sole responsiblity to ensure they have the proper documents to accompany their content. You also accept the fact that the sold content can be used on adult websites or any other accepted site reserved for adults. It is the Seller's responsibility and of any of the persons involved in the production process to inform and ensure the consent of any participating models of the nature of the content and the terms of the Buyer's usage rights to avoid future disagreements or misinterpretations. reserves the right to refuse any submission if it does not meet the criterias mentioned above or if we feel the content is questionable. Please visit our detailed PHOTOGRAPHERS GUIDE for more details on 2257 issues and more. As a seller you will obtain commissions of 30% on all content sold. These credits can be then used to buy content on our site or be redeemed for cash. When purchasing content the seller's earnings will always be deducted before any loaded funds. Payouts are issued by check or by wire transfer after a minimum of 50 commission credits (or $50 usd) are accumulated prior to requesting a payout. A fee of $2 will be deducted for epassporte payments and $30 for wire transfers. All payments will be made in US dollars. Please allow 2 weeks delivery for payments to be issued once payment request is made. cannot be held responsible for unforeseeable delays between us and the financial institutions. For fraud purposes please allow a delay of 30 days before the first initial payment request.

Although the team behind work very hard to protect the integrity and interest of all its contributors, we unfortunately cannot be held responsible for copyright infringement or any illegal activity related to the content on our site. We, as a broker or intermediary reseller, will take all necessary action to prosecute these acts and insure the common goal and interest of both trading parties. We ask that you contact us if you think your work or the work of any contributor has been comprimised, so that our joint efforts can work together.

Selling content on means you are only licensing your content to third parties thus keeping your copyrights on your material. Under our non-exclusive agreement Sellers may sell their content on other stock sites, content provider sites, or broker sites, as long as they do not enter into exclusive agreements with those said sites. expects that Sellers will respect the common interests of both parties and refrain from free distribution of the content or saturating its exposure thus making it worth less. At we offer premium commissions of up to 50% for various case-per-case collaborations. Please contact us for more details.

2257 Compliance

All content with recognizable individuals, recognizable properties or known intellectual properties must be accompanied by a valid model release. Any "explicit" content also requires full 2257 compliance documents. These documents consist of at least one valid and visible photo ID issued by the Government or State (such as; passport, medical issurance card, state or government issued ID card. All documents must be zipped (.ZIP) and uploaded with any and all associated content. If a given content file has more than one recognizable individual you must create a zip file that contains all documents and associate that new 2257 doc to the file (Example; image of 3 models in a jacuzzi - will be accompanied by Anita_Sophie_Carmen_2257.ZIP) * We are currently working on a multiple 2257 document feature that will enable you to associate more than one 2257 zip document to a content file.

Please visit our detailed PHOTOGRAPHERS GUIDE for more details and to make sure your content submissions do not get refused.

Useful information on 2257 issue and more:

Legal Forms and samples:

2257 compliance form

Sample Model Release 1

Sample Model Release 2

Exclusivity Agreement

Sellers / Contributors may sell their content exclusively with and obtain a premium commission on each sale of that content. Currently we are working on a case per case basis to determine commissions, which can reach up to 50%. Any exclusive content sold on must NOT be sold on any other stock website, content broker site, or be used on the web in any way for profit. Any breach of this agreement will result in a loss of premium commissions and possibly penalty fees or account suspension.

Affiliate Program Agreement pays 20% commission on any sale from referred customers. Our affiliate program is powered through CCBill's payment gateway and makes it very easy to use. Even returning customers will be traked by our 30-day cookie. Commissions paid to you weekly through CCBill themselves, ensuring trust and on time payment. Minimum required amounts start at $20 and you can be paid either by check, wire and ePassporte. By using our affiliate program you are bound by our terms and CCBill's as well. Please have a look at CCBill's policies to obtain more information; CCBill Affiliate Agreement Policies. Here are our policies regarding our affiliate program (Some of these may be common to CCBill's policies or differ, but in anycase they are both valid).

  • We do not accept any blind links (A link that misleads the visitor into going somewhere he did not intend to go to).
  • We do not tolerate spam of any kind (email spam, abusive posting on public forums, boards, blogs, or any other community website).
  • You can identify yourself as an affiliate of or of CCBill but you may not represent yourself as being an employee, partner, or company representative of any kind of either company.
  • reserves the right to withhold commissions if any suspicious activity has been detected, whether by us or by CCBill's representatives.
  • cannot be held responsible for any decision made by CCBill and any decision to withhold funds, suspend or ban an affiliate.
  •'s policies and terms regarding our affiliate program are subject to change and rely on CCBill's terms and policies.

Advertising Agreement offers advertisers various advertising possibilties such as but not limited to banner ads, text ads, weekly, monthly and custom ad campaigns. cannot make any promises or projected results out of any of our advertising services and cannot be held accountable if the advertiser's said expectations have not been met. can deliver average statistics on the number of impressions, and click-throughs, but these will always remain an estimated average and cannot be held at a price value. Only in extreme cases where results are drastically lower than the expected average due to unforceable acts or server speeds or downtime can renegociate terms, extend ad campaigns, or engage in some kind of reimbursement. will provide the advertiser access to visual statistics and status on the ads performance either on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis or a combination of all these.


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Photographers, videographers, producers and artist can sell their content on a non-exclusive basis and retain their copyright.

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